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I cultivate immortals in the entertainment circle. (8th Dec 22 at 12:52am UTC)
"Of course I want to make more money, so that when yuanzhou graduates, I can buy him a big house and a car." In fact, when they divorced, they took out the money for Lin yuanzhou to get married in advance. But since Lin yuanzhou was not married yet, the money was finally kept by his mother, Wang Jie. Lin yuanzhou also knew and agreed to this matter. That's millions! It's not enough for millions to go in, so Wang Jie will come today. Jiang yuan and Lin Zijian instantly understood that Wang Jie wanted to borrow a lot of money! In fact, if Wang Jie really changed her previous domineering attitude and character, no longer aggressive, really encountered difficulties, borrow some money, Lin Zijian will still do it. Even Jiang yuan did not want to see Lin Zijian too indifferent to his ex-wife. But there is a premise, the premise is that Wang Jie does not do it again. You can be a good person, but there is a bottom line for being a good person. Here Wang Jie saw Lin Zijian changed his expression, she immediately said, "Zijian, I beg you, you help me, I have no other way ah." Lin Zijian took a deep breath and asked, "How much money do you want to borrow?" "Ten million will do." Wang Jie looked at Lin Zijian expectantly. Ten million?! Lin Zijian suddenly stood up, and he immediately said,plastic pallet suppliers, "Impossible!"! I can't lend you so much money! I don't have that kind of money! If she wants to borrow hundreds of thousands of yuan, maybe Lin Zijian will help her find a way. Although there is a premonition that Wang Jie will not borrow less money, but this 10 million, it is too big to open your mouth! Lin Zijian feels that Wang Jie is crazy! He immediately stood up and said to Jiang yuan sitting beside him, "Xiaoyuan, let's go!" Jiang yuan also felt that Wang Jie was too greedy. Even if she borrowed money from her ex-husband, how could she borrow more at once? Even if Lin Zijian has money, the money is not blown by the strong wind. Why should I lend it to you for business?! Wang Jie saw that Lin Zijian was leaving,ibc spill pallet, and she panicked. She hurriedly stood up and came over to pull Lin Zijian's hand, but Lin Zijian dodged ahead of time. Wang Jie's tears are coming down. She said eagerly, "Zijian, the Lin family is so rich, can you help me?"? I know you may not have so much cash at once, but you can ask Lin Zikang for help. You gave him so many stocks before, and then asked him for 10 million. What's wrong? Lin Zijian will be delighted by Wang Jie's logic. Chapter 763 see if she has the courage! He was very speechless and said, "Even if I can ask Zikang for money, why should I lend you the money I want?"! Also, why do you continue to invest money when you have lost all your money? "I'm going to make money right away, as long as I follow up the follow-up funds, I'm going to make money right away!" Lin Zijian has pulled Jiang yuan out, he said with a sullen face, "I have no money, will not lend you, plastic pallet suppliers ,collapsible pallet bin, if you really want to invest money, go directly to sell the house!" "House, the house has been mortgaged." Lin Zijian:.. He looked at Wang Jie in surprise. "It's ten million yuan before and after. What kind of business are you doing? Have you been cheated?" "No!" Unexpectedly, before what Lin Zijian said, Wang Jie was controlling his emotions. When Lin Zijian asked if she had been cheated, Wang Jie was shocked. And very angry! She looked at Lin Zijian angrily and said, "You are not allowed to frame people!"! Lin Zijian, if you don't lend me money, I'll go to Lin's group to make trouble tomorrow! After saying this, she left angrily. Lin Zijian was very angry. But Jiang yuan saw some doorways, she comforted Lin Zijian, while waiting for two people to get on the car, she opened her mouth and said, "Wang Jie should be cheated by her friend, and she is still very protective of that friend." Lin Zijian frowned. "Before she was working in Lin's Group, I knew almost all the friends around her. Someone shouldn't have cheated her like this. Moreover, she trusted her very much. I couldn't not know her.".
” Lin Zijian said this sentence, and then very apologetically said to Jiang yuan, "Xiaoyuan, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to say this, it really made Wang Jie angry." Jiang yuan knew what Lin Zijian meant, and she said with understanding, "I know, you don't mean anything else.". But let's go back quickly and tell Zikang about it. What if Wang Jie goes to the company to make trouble? "Right, right, right!" The two men hurried home, just in time to see Lin Zikang asking Lin Rui about the college entrance examination. Lin Rui looked helpless, "Dad, you have asked these words three times." "Hey, really? Dad must be too old to remember." Lin Zikang said with a smile. Lin Rui sighed. Lin Zijian and Jiang yuan came back at this time, they did not avoid Lin Rui, after all, in their eyes, Rui Rui is a big child, but also one of the owners of the family. Lin Zijian said that Wang Jie borrowed money today and finally threatened him. He said worriedly, "Zikang, will she come to the company to make trouble with her family?"? Hey, how does this person become more and more extreme?! Lin Zikang sneers, "want to make trouble in the Lin family, I see if she has the courage!" Lin Zikang over there immediately called the security department of the headquarters and the branch. Anyone who saw Wang Jie would drive her away and not let her get close to the company. If anyone puts Wang Jie in the company, he will not only be dismissed, but also be compensated for any loss of the company! Of course, if anyone who stops Wang Jie is meritorious, I will reward him with a bonus of 100,000 yuan! Lin Zikang's order, the group headquarters and the subordinate company security personnel, immediately bright eyes. Originally,ibc spill containment pallet, they worked in shifts, but they did not work in shifts. They guarded around the company and patrolled everywhere every day. I can't wait to see Wang Jie appear and drive her away! After all, that's one hundred thousand yuan! Chapter 764 crazy for love. binpallet.com
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